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AirTamer A310 Personal Rechargeable Air Purifier

Product Description

The AirTamer A310 is the world’s most effective personal rechargeable air purifier. AirTamer’s Advanced Ionic Technology emits a constant stream of healthy negative ions that force airborne pollutants away from your personal space giving you a zone of cleaner, healthier air.

AirTamer’s state-of-the-art electrostatic purification creates a 3 foot sphere of cleaner, healthier air around your head. It cleans the air of atomic sized pollutants (e.g. viruses, pollen, smoke, molds and dust mites) that traditional air purifiers (e.g. HEPA) leave behind.

AirTamer’s Power Boost Technology provides 9 times more cleaning power than the competition. It is silent in operation and it’s extremely energy efficient technology provides 150+ hours of run time on one charge. Easily charged by included USB cable. AirTamer’s design is ultra compact and incredibly versatile. A proprietary conductive adjustable lanyard dramatically improves performance and increases run time. You can wear it around your neck (strap included) since it is smaller than most MP3 players  or place it freely on your nightstand so the air around your pillow is clean and free of pollutants.

Wear AirTamer to create a cleaner zone of healthier air while traveling, in public places or in other poor air quality locations.


Note: Does not meet California requirements: Cannot be shipped to California

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Unique Features

  • The green “on” indicator light gently blinks to indicate AirTamer® is cleaning the air.
  • Power Boost Technology for 9 times more cleaning power.
  • Rechargeable - 150+ hours of run time on one charge.
  • USB charging cable is included with each unit.
  • No Filters to Replace or Clean - Healthy negative ions do the filtering.
  • Silent Operation - No noisy fans or motors.
  • Adjustable length, breakaway lanyard - For extra safety and convenience.
  • Ultra Compact - Attractive, discreet design is smaller than most mp3 players.
  • AirTamer® includes a metal travel case to protect the air purifier when not in use. Maintenance is easy since there are no filters to replace.

Weight and Dimensions

  • Product dimension : 1.65" x 0.75" x 3.5"
  • Product weight : 0.11
  • Package dimensions : 4.4" x 1.4" x 2"
  • Package weight : 0.24 lbs

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How it works

airtamer how it works

AirTamer® emits over 2 million negative ions every second from the black brush on top of the unit. These negative ions attach themselves to air particles like viruses, allergens, pollution, etc. in the air and negatively charge those particles. Those negatively charged particles will then be naturally attracted to positively charged surfaces around you (e.g. a table, chair, window, clothes, etc.), rather than continuing their way towards your breathing passage and into your lungs. As a result, AirTamer® reduces the probability that you will inhale these bad particles and become ill.

Negative ions clean the air of atomic sized particles that traditional air purifiers (e.g. HEPA) leave behind. The smallest air particles tend to do the most damage to our health.

“Ultra fine particles smaller than 0.1 micron can penetrate deeper into the respiratory system, and due to their high diffusion coefficients, they have furthermore a higher probability to deposit there than larger particles. There are indications that the smaller the particle fraction, the larger the health impact.” 

Source: Centre for Transport Research on Environmental and Health Impacts and Policy, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Test Data

airtamer eliminates viruses

World’s Most Effective Personal Air Purifier - AirTamer has been tested by all over the world by internationally recognized,independent laboratories. In fact, AirTamer is the only personal air purifier to be tested on viruses. The following summarizes some the tests we have done so you can be sure that we stand behind AirTamer:

Virus Testing

Independent testing at the prestigious Kitasato Research Center in Japan confirmed that AirTamer removes 99% of viruses from the air within 20 minutes.


Q: How does the AirTamer® work?
A: AirTamer® emits negative ions from the little black brush that you see at the top of the unit. Over 2 million negative ions are emitted from that brush every second. These negative ions attach themselves to air particles like viruses, allergens, pollution, etc. in the air and negatively charge those  particles. Those negatively charged particles will then be naturally attracted to positively charged surfaces around you (e.g. a table, chair, window, clothes, etc.), rather than continuing their way towards your breathing passage where they can make you sick. As a result, AirTamer® reduces the probability that you will inhale these bad particles and become ill.

Q: How can I tell if my AirTamer® is working?
A: AirTamer® emits healthy negative ions from the ion emitter brush (i.e. the black brush located on top of the unit). If you put the ion emitter brush close to your lips your will be able to feel the ions tickle your lips. This is because the AirTamer® emits over 2 million negative ions per cubic centimeter every second - this is the highest cleaning power of any personal air purifier in the world! 
Additionally, there is an LED on the back of the unit that flashes when AirTamer® is emitting ions.

Q: Can AirTamer® remove viruses from the air?
A: Yes. In 2018, the prestigious Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science in Japan tested AirTamer® with an Escherichia Coli virus. AirTamer® successfully reduced 99% of the virus from the test chamber within 20 minutes. Test reports and summaries are available upon request.

Q: Can AirTamer® remove cigarette smoke from the air?
A: Yes. We actually test the AirTamer® with smoke in test labs since smoke particles are so small and represent a great test particle. AirTamer® is very effective at reducing smoke. AirTamer® has been independent laboratory proven to reduce 99% of smoke from the air in 5 minutes.

Q: How much space can AirTamer® clean?
A: AirTamer® is a personal air purifier and not a room air purifier. AirTamer® is designed to clean the air around your head - about a 3-foot sphere is a good benchmark. The further your face is away from the AirTamer®, the fewer ions will reach your breathing space, so we recommend hanging it from your neck and using the adjustable lanyard to adjust the length so the AirTamer® is positioned in the upper part of your chest.

Q: Does AirTamer® work with VOCs, like perfume, etc.?
A: Yes. VOCs are very small particles and AirTamer® will help alleviate allergic issues related to VOCs by keeping the VOC particles away from your breathing space. In one Japan laboratory test, AirTamer® reduced VOC levels by 52% in just 8 minutes. The test results are available upon request from AirTamer®.

Q: Can you use the AirTamer on airplanes?
A: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and FAA do not prohibit the use of personal air purifiers on board airplanes and AirTamer® is FCC certified not to interfere with airplane electronics. A very small number of airlines do restrict the use of personal air purifiers and it is always up to the discretion of airline crew on those airlines whether they follow the guidelines. Several airlines around the world actually offer AirTamer® for sale in their inflight catalogs.

Q: Can children use AirTamer®?
A: We do not recommend that AirTamer® be worn by infants. There is no risk from the operation of AirTamer®, in fact it will keep the air cleaner for the infant, but the concern rests with the infant putting the AirTamer® unit or lanyard in their mouth and thus causing a choking hazard. It is completely safe to use AirTamer® around the infant (e.g. if you wear it when your baby is near you) so long as the choking risk is recognized and responsibly managed. Negative ions emitted from AirTamer® will not harm an infant and only help keep the air cleaner. The AirTamer® A302 uses lithium coin cell batteries so it is particularly important for this choking hazard to be responsibly managed because ingestion of these battery types can be very dangerous.

Q: Can pacemaker patients use AirTamer®?
A: Pacemaker patients should not use without first consulting with their physician as AirTamer® is an electrical product worn on the body.

Q: How long will AirTamer® last with fully charged batteries?
A: AirTamer® has long run times due to its energy conserving technology. The A310 (rechargeable battery) has a 150+ hour run time.

Q: Does the AirTamer® make noise?
A: No. AirTamer® is silent.

Q: Will AirTamer® interfere with electronic communication equipment (e.g. computers, cell phones)?
A: No. AirTamer® meets FCC regulations for harmful interference with radio communications so you may use it by your computer, audio players, etc. without causing any unusual interference problems.

Q: Can I leave AirTamer® on continuously?
A: Yes. AirTamer® has no moving parts and uses a very small amount of electricity, so it is very safe and economical to leave on for long periods of time.

Q: Does AirTamer® produce dangerous levels of ozone?
A: No. We at AirTamer® are sensitive to the fact that cleaning the air should not produce unsatisfactory levels of ozone, so we test for ozone emission. AirTamer® produces no measurable amount of ozone. In fact, AirTamer® was tested to the California (CARB) standard for air purifier ozone emission, and AirTamer® was given an ozone emission rate of zero. The independent Intertek test report is available upon request from AirTamer®.

Q: What are negative ions? Are they good for you?
A: Negative ions (air molecules with extra electrons) are electrically charged particles in the air that remove airborne contaminates and have been shown to have a rejuvenating effect upon our bodies. The best natural generator of negative ions is lightning, followed by ocean surf, waterfalls, mountains and forests. In clean, natural air, you'll find the highest concentrations of negative ions. In polluted cities and confined spaces, like offices, you'll find the highest concentrations of unhealthier positive ions. Columbia University has even proven that negative ions can significantly help manage depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Q: Do you have a list of substantiated AirTamer claims?
YES!  Please see our list as of September 30, 2020.

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